Cpitn in Iraqi Females with Thyroid Dysfunction


Background: Changes in thyroid function have significant health consequences onhuman beings. Women's risk of developing thyroid problems is seven times thatof men. The associations between periodontal diseases and thyroid dysfunctionhad received great attention in periodontal literature in last few decades. In theonly few studies that conducted in Iraq, the concentration was primarily directedtoward oral health status and dental treatment needs while the periodontaltreatment needs have been omitted. This omission is definitely due to absence ofimplementation of CPITN in these studies.Aim of the study: to estimate the periodontal health status and periodontal treatmentneed among Iraqi females with thyroid dysfunction.Material and methods: sample of this study consist of 225 adult Iraqi femalesallocated into three comparable groups. Group A (patients with hypothyroidism),Group B (patients with hyperthyroidism) and Group C (control group). CPITN,CAL & TN indices were recorded and the data were analyzed statistically usingSPSS program.Results: generally, healthy women found to have better periodontal health and lessclinical attachment loss compared to those with thyroid dysfunction but theseresults was not significant for all CPITN scores. On the other hand all populationsample were found to need periodontal treatment in different levels.Conclusion: Thyroid dysfunction in its both types (hypothyroidism &hyperthyroidism) has its impact on periodontal health status, but this impact stillin need of more extensive researches to expand our knowledge about this vitalsubject.