Climate effect on human comfort in Al-Qadissiya province


This study aimed at through the use of climatic data for the period (1990-2007) to find out the months of the year is ideal for human comfort based on the equation (Spile & Passel ways) by using manual temperature and humidity (THI) and the Guide to cooling winds (K) in the analysis of the rates of maximum temperature and minimum temperature and the relative humidity and wind speed throughout the year, it becomes clear through the analysis of values (THI) The months January, February and December was the ideal temperature for the majority while the months of March and November were less comfortable while April, May, June, July , August, September and October been highly heat. According to minimum temperature; November, December, January, February and March months in the cold, June was comfortable; for the months were the ideal of April, May, September and October. As its known about the weather in Iraq, the months July and August were not comfortable, as well as a standard of evidence for the cooling wind (K), the months of December, January and February were cold, October, March and April were the ideal months, May was uncomfortable (hot wind);