The Efficiency of the Geographical Distribution of Government Health Services in Al-Shamiyah City


A low level of health services in Iraq have much effect on people's lives, especially in centers of districts, counties and this leads to demand for treatment in the larger cities are already suffering from a shortage of health services and thereby increase the deficit in the level of these services. Most studies focus on major cities and abandon the study of smaller towns and districts including centers that suffer from a decline in the level of services, particularly health services. The importance of this research by shedding light on the model represents the nature of the health sector in the centers of towns. As the discussion touched on display the geographical distribution of government health institutions in the city of Shamiya .And have been measuring the efficiency of health services provided according to the criteria adopted in Iraq and using geographic information systems. Discussions dealt with the subject of the geographical distribution of health institutions in the city of Shamiya and the reality is same as health institutions, health centers, clinics, hospitals, popular, either the reality of these institutions relates to the existing health units and the problems you are experiencing. The discussion also covered the efficiency of the geographical distribution of health institutions in the city of Sham through some of the indicators of human and spatial and ease of access and the degree of satisfaction of the population


Urban Geography