Justice and the Scope of Applying it by the Deans at Kerbala University


The present study is conducted at the University of Kerbala for the year 2009-2010. The study includes 3 chapters wherein a new innovative scientific work is introduced, which is not handled before as far as the researchers are concerned. The study unifies the legal methodology with the educational methodology wherein the study falls into three theoretical chapters in law where each chapter has three targets and a final applied chapter where theory is applied depending on the educational research to achieve the objective which aims at revealing the justice level applied by the Deans.After the three chapters are completed in terms of defining justice and explaining its significance in some administrative aspects of justice like the application of decisions and the evaluation of Deans’ performance, then setting a chapter which completes the previous chapters, a sample of (150) instructors who work in the (11) colleges in Kerbala University, was chosen i.e. the number of Deans to be evaluated is (11) Deans.The researchers have used questionnaires in setting the instrument of the research which includes 30 points which were verified and proven, through which one can measure the Deans’ justice. After gathering data they were statistically examined by extracting the normative deviations using Pearson coefficient where the following results were reached:1.The Deans’ justice level reached 78, 80% with a normative deviation degree (23, 22) which is higher than the virtual mean which is (60).2. When using the second test for a single sample to know the statistical significance, it appears that the second calculated value (12, 37) is bigger than the T-value (1,96) with a degree of (149) and a significance level(0, 05).This indicates that there are differences of statistical significance in favour of the research sample i.e. there is generally a high level in applying justice by the Deans.