Hepatoprotective and some haematological parameters effect of Allium ampeloprasum against carbon tetrachloride induced liver toxicity in albino rats


Abstract: The aim of the present study is to prepare ethanol extract of leek and to study the effect of its on body weight, liver weight, serum liver function enzymes, serum lipids profile and in carbon tetrachloride (CCL4) intoxicated rats. Used thirty six male rats were divided into 6 equal groups. One group of rats was fed on basal diet and kept as a negative control while three groups were administrated by CCL4 at a dose of 0.5 ml /kg body weight for induction of acute liver toxicity. The first group of the intoxicated rats was left as a positive control while the others were fed on experimental diets with leek extract at 200,400 mg/kg and other two groups were gives only 200,400 mg/kg of leek extract. At the end of experimental period (4 weeks), the rats were sacrificed and blood samples were collected for biochemical analyses. Livers of the sacrificed rats were removed and prepared for histopathological examination. Results showed that treatment effect of leek extract especially at 400 mg/kg in CCL4 -intoxicated rats improved their body weight .Also decreased the levels of liver enzymes,total cholesterol,triglycerides and improved lipid profile. While the doses 200,400 mg/kg of leek extract groups appear normal values of all parameters in this study .Finally histopathological examination revealed alleviation of hepatic lesions caused by CCL4 by increasing the concentration of leek extract used. In conclusion, it was suggested that leek extract could protect the liver cells from CCL4-induced liver damages perhaps, by its antioxidative effect on hepatocytes, hence eliminating the deleterious effects of toxic from CCL4.