Determination of Mercury concentration in the sediment and blood samples of fuel stations area using cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry


A cold mercury vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy (CVAAS) Technique has been used for the determination of mercury in both of blood and sediment samples. After the blood Samples were digested in a mixture of (3:2:1) [Nitric, Perchloric and sulfuric concentrated acids] respectively and a sediment samples were digested in a mixture of (1:1) [Nitric and Hydrochloric concentrated acids] , a 25% (W/V) of Tin Chloride has been added as a reduction agent also a 1% (W/V) of Potassium dichromate have been added in order to improve sensitivity of measurements. The results show that average of mercury contents in the fuel stations worker blood samples are in range [22-36] ng/ml; whereas its contents in the fuel station area sediment samples are in range [30-48] ng/g.