Influence of oral zinc sulphate supplementation on the development of the teeth and jaws of growing rat (Histological study)


Background: This study was carried out to determine the effect of oral zinc supplementation on the growth of molarteeth and jaws on growing rat.Materials and methods: Fifteen western albino pregnant rats subjected to zinc deficiency diet from time of 16th ofgestation till day 21 postnatal days. Oral Zinc supplement in different dose (o.25 and o.5 mg) were added to thenormal zinc diet of the mothers from one day to 21 day postnatal periods). Neonate rats were sacrificed at thefollowings postnatal periods ( 7, 10, 14, 18 and21 day) .Histological evaluation for the development of 1st molar toothwith development of the jaws were estimated under light microscope .In addition ,serum zinc level in all studiedperiods were determined with atomic absorption spectrophotometer.Results: Histological examination for experimental group(0.5) showed acceleration in the growth of molar teeth andthe bones of the maxilla and mandible illustrates in early apposition of dental hard tissue and bone trabeculea.Declination in zinc levels were observed approximately in all studied groups with the increment of the period of thegrowth.Conclusion: This study was illustrated that there are obvious effects of oral supplementing zinc on the growth of teethand jaws of the rat suffered from zinc deficiency in gestation period and ameloblast showed to be the most affecteddental cells