Synthesis and Characterization of a Quadridentate Ligand Type N4 and Their Complexes with Some Metal Ions


A quadridentate ligand type N4 has been prepared by reaction of one equivalent of di-ethyl phthalate with two equivalent ethylene diamine under N2 atmosphere , which gives one equivalent of [N, N`-Bis-(2-amino- ethyl) Phthalamide] (I), then reaction of the condensation of product (I) with [ 2,5- hexane- dione] under N2 atmosphere gave quadridentate ligand [H2L] type N4,(10,13-Dimethyl-6,7,8,11,12,15,16,17-octahydro-6,9,14 ,17-tetraaza-benzocyclohexadecene-5,18-dione ) . Complexes of the ligand [H2L] with Cr+3 , Co+2 ,Ni+2, Pd+2, Cu+2, Zn+2, Cd+2 and Hg+2 ions in general formula [MLXn]m were prepared Where M=Cr+3, X =Cl, n=2, m=+1, and M= Co+2 , Ni+2, Pd+2, , Zn+2, Cd+2 and Hg+2 ions, X=0, n=0, m=+2, and M= Cu+2 , X=Cl , n=2, m=0. The Ligand and it's complexes have been characterized by microanalyses of elements, CHN along with conductivity measurement and magnetic moment, spectroscopic methods, (UV-Vis) IR and flame atomic absorption spectroscopy . The results showed that the suggested and proposed molecular structure for Cr+3 and Cu+2 complexes was octahedral, and for pd+2 and Ni+2 complexes was square planner, while for Co+2, Zn+2 ,Cd+2 and Hg+2 complexes are tetrahedral.