Evaluation of mechanical and histological significance of Nigella Sativa oil extract on the osseointegration of Hydroxyapatite coated cp Ti-Implants


Background: The aim of this in vivo study was to evaluate the additive beneficial role gained from dip coating ofhydroxyapatite (HA) coated cp Ti implants in Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) oil extract and its effect on the mechanicaland histological properties of bone-implant interface.Materials and Methods: 48 cp Ti screws (3mm in diameter, 8mm in length) were implanted in tibia bones of 12 NewZeeland rabbits. 24 screws were electrophoretically coated with HA within 4 minutes (control group) and 24 wereelectrophoretically coated with HA for 4 minutes and dip coated in black seed oil extract (BSO) for 5 seconds(experimental group). The samples were distributed equally over two healing intervals 6 and 12 weeks, in everyhealing interval each tibia bone(right and left) of 6 rabbits received two samples, control and experimental.Results: After each healing interval two tests were performed: Mechanical (Removal Torque) and Histological tests.Mechanical test showed that the mean torque values for HA&BSO coated implants were significantly higher thanthose for implants coated with HA only. Also the histological analysis revealed improved quality of bone response toimplants coated with HA&BSO.Conclusions: HA and BSO extract produced a couple of synthetic and natural biomaterials act in harmony andcomplementary to each other in enhancing healthy and strong bony integration of cp Ti implants