Evaluation of the effect of platelet-rich plasma on intrabony defect repair in glucocorticoids-induced osteoporosis in rabbits (Histological and biochemical study)


Background Osteoporosis has an impact on bone healing process, platelets rich plasma (PRP) ameliorated thedeleterious effect of osteoporosis on bone healing process. Autologous (PRP) could be used in many clinical fields oforal and maxillofacial bone, implant reconstructive surgery and periodontology. This study was carried out toevaluate histologically the regeneration capacity of autologous (PRP) on defect in the mandible bone ofosteoporotic rabbits.Materials and Methods Forty-eight female rabbits were used in this study, divided into four groups (12 rabbits for eachgroup), each rabbit was received intraboney defect in the mandible. Two groups were save as control groups oneof them left for normal healing (group A), while other group were receiving PRP treatment (group B). The remainingtwo groups were given 10 mg/B.W hydrocortisone i.m daily for 8 weeks to induce OP-like condition which save asexperimental groups. One of them left for normal healing (group C), while other were receiving PRP treatment(group D).After 2, 4, and 6 weeks postoperatively (4 rabbits from each groups), blood sample was taken from eachanimal for serum alkaline phosphatase, calcium, and phosphorous analysis. Then the animals were sacrificed andthe decalcified sections of the bone were studied histomorphologically. These histometric analyses includingcounting of bone cells: osteoblast, osteocyte, and osteoclast. Bone trabecular, separation, width, and number;cortical width, blood vessels number, and bone marrow space and volume assed.Results Histological examinations showed that with the use of autologous platelets rich plasma in an osteoporoticand normal rabbit, an obvious enhancement of new bone formation and neovascularization significantly more thanthat of groups without (PRP) application. The results of osteoporotic group treated with (PRP) nearly reached thelevels of normal group without PRP in all the three periods postoperatively.Biochemical serum analysis revealed anincrease in serum alkaline phosphatase and calcium concentrations in osteoporotic animals than control one, whileserum phosphorous level increased in control animals than osteoporotic ones.Conclusions This study illustrated that the (PRP) has an osteopromotive activity that accelerated bone-healingprocess in madibular bone defect in an osteoporotic rabbits as well as in normal rabbits