Effect of repeated pregnancies on periodontal health status


Background: Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to gum and periodontal disease. The aim of this study wasto assess the effect of repeated pregnancies on the periodontal health status.Materials and methods: This study evaluated the oral hygiene and periodontal status (plaque index, calculus index,gingival index and probing pocket depth) of 224 pregnant women in Baghdad governorate (112 primigravidae and112 multigravidae), in relation to socio-demographic and clinical variables. The age range was 20-25 years.Results: No significant differences were found in oral hygiene and gingival health condition between primigravidaeand multigravidae women. Also probing pocket depth whether present or absent revealed equal percentage inboth. The majority of the pregnant women was of urban residence and had lower educational level. Higherpercentage of them visits the dental clinic for relieving pain only.Conclusion: Multiple pregnancies had unpronounced influence on the periodontal health status. Future studiesshould include the clinical attachment level measurement