Use of cervicopectoral flap as an access for radical neck dissection and reconstruction of facial defects


Background: The problem of reconstruction after surgical extirpation of head and neck cancer remain a cornerstone that produce unique challenges to surgeon; surface defects are often contiguous with oral cavity requiringboth lining and covering.Patients and methods: This study was conducted on 20 patients (13♂:7♀), age rang (28-80years), whom suffered frommalignant tumors in different sits in oro-facial region and salivary gland, to evaluate the C.P.F. as an access forcervical lymphadenectomy during treatment of head/neck malignant tumor and its use as immediatereconstruction for closing the defect resulted from tumor resection at the same procedure.Results and Conclusions: The C.P.F. was successfully covered the moderate and large size defect resulted from tumorablation in the neck region with successful esthetic and function results