Effect of Zamzam water on the microhardness of initial caries-like lesion of permanent teeth, compared to Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate agents


Background: chemically Zamzam water is suitable for drinking purposes contains calcium, magnesium, sodium,fluoride and other salts higher than other water that have an effective germicidal action. The aim of this study was toinvestigate the effect of Zamzam water on the microhardness of initial carious lesion compared to CPP-ACP agents.Materials and methods: thirty two maxillary first premolars with enamel caries-like lesion randomly divided into onestudy group treated with Zamzam water and three control groups CPP-ACP, and CPP-ACP+NaF as a positive controland deionized water as a negative control (each group consists of 8 teeth). Teeth were subjected for microhardnessassessment before and after pH cycling and treatment with the selected agents.Results: Agents of study groups were statistically highly significant in elevation of the microhardness values, CPPACP+NaF caused highest change in the microhardness (158.58%) and less for CPP-ACP (81.48%) and lesser forZamzam water ( 80.97%).Conclusions: Zamzam water was effective in remineralization of the outer enamel caries-like lesions, which wasreflected by increase in enamel microhardness values