Concentrations of Trace Metals in Aquatic Plants and sediments of the Southern Marshes of Iraq (Al-Hawizah and Al-Hammar)


The analysis of trace metals Cd, Pb, Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe in six species of aquatic plant species and sediments of Al-Hawizah and Al-Hammar marshes were investigated . It was found that the nature of the region is unpolluted with the trace metals. The ability of these plants to accumulate and eliminate trace metals in relation to their concentrations in ambient led to the observed variations in metal concentrations in plants. The results showed higher concentration of trace metals in sediment than in plants. No significant difference were observed in trace metals concentrations in aquatic plants and sediment samples for both Al-Hawizah and Al- Hammar marshes .Generally , the levels of the studied metals in plants and sediments of region were lower thanthe other compared areas of the world