Electrochemical Behavior of Eriochrome Red B Using Graphite and Modified Graphite Electrodes


The electrochemical behavior of Eriochrome Red B (ERB) using square wave voltammetry (SWV) with three electrodes cell was studied. The cell consists of working electrodes, either graphite electrode (GE) or Poly ERB-graphite electrode (poly ERB – GE), auxiliary electrode (2mm pt wire) and reference electrode (Ag/AgCl . sat.KCl). The ERB gives two reduction peaks at GE and Poly ERB- GE, one at -0.194 V, second at 0.068 V for GE and at -0.561V, 0.203 V for Poly ERB-GE.The effect of pH on the reduction peaks of ERB at the two electrodes (GE and poly ERB-GE ) was studied.