Specialization, competition and diet overlap of fish assemblages in the recently restored southern Iraqi marshes


Trophic competition,feeding specialization and diet overlap of fishes had been studied in three restored marshes( Al-Huweyza, Suq Al-Shuyoak and East Al-Hammar). Data obtained revealed that most of species studied were specialized and few were generalized ,depend on the percentage of environmental restoration in each of the three marshes. Four pairs of trophic competition showed positive cases( Carassius auratus, Barbus luteus, Cyprinus carpio; Barbus xanthopterus, Acanthobrama marmid ; Alburnus mossulensis, Aspius vora and Silurus striostegus)Three trophic groups of multi species ( carnivorous, omnivorous and herbivorous) and two single species trophic groups(detritovorous and benthivorous) were reached.It seemed that fish species in the restored marshes alter their diets than previously known including native and alien . C.auratus alter its food habits Other species including C. carpio become omnivorous., A.vorax and S.striostegus become pscivorous species.