Design New Algorithm For Partial Image Encryption Based colors Space


This research aims to create two encryption algorithms and which have the ability to partial encryption of any image by using the key to be chosen from another image, both algorithms depend on techniques to analyze the image into three layers (RGB / YIQ) for both images entered and tagged. The next step is to determine the specific number for both images to select bit from each pixel of one of the three layers for both image tagged or the input image and then apply the XOR operation between the two bits opposing both classes of the input image and the image of the key. As a result of the last operation leads to encrypt three layers, both based on the RGB or YIQ and then they are incorporated into class's encoded leads to obtain the encrypted part. The strength of both algorithms how to find one key first and then specify the layer as second and then know the number of bit action chosen Third, where will be generated to have a space key is very much depends on image size, leading to difficult to break, but scales standards that are the similarities and the likelihood that the balance algorithm YIQ to RGB as well as processing speed, where we focused on the part of the image instead of dealing with all the data in addition to the difficulty in projecting the key through the very large key space.