Design and Implementation of Audiometric Instrument Based on Microcontroller


The aim of this paper is to design and implement an audiometry testing instrument (Audiometer) by using PIC16F877A microcontroller that has the capability to apply an audio sound to the patients’ ear with a frequency range of (250Hz to 8KHz) with an intensity ranging from (-10 to 110 dB), and recording the patients’ response through an input device. The instrument hardware was implemented by using a push button switch, headphone circuit, power supplies, two output units using 2 X 16 LCD display and RS232 serial port interface connected with Personal Computer (PC) from through the ports COM1 or COM2 and microcontrollers programmer with its special program (Topwin6). The proposed design of audiometer and simulation results of many cases of hearing states are carried out using ISIS 7 professional simulator and Matlab 2010 environment. Finally, Proton IDE Basic compiler (high level language) is used to write a program which is employed to program microcontroller