Determination and Detection of Blind Zones in Vehicles Based on Microcontroller


In this paper, the PIC microcontroller (16F877A) based on ultrasonic (PING) sensor is developed to determine and detect the blind zones in vehicles in addition it measures the distance of targets approaching a vehicle for avoiding lateral collisions and providing a safe driving. The temperature sensor (LM35) circuit has been added to proposal hardware circuit to improve the precision in case of changing weather temperature in different seasons.One of the benefits of this system is its ability to detect and alert the driver when a vehicle is in danger of collision, thus increasing the safety of not only the driver, but of the vehicle itself. The proposal system has low-cost, the implementation of convenient, easy to- use, flexible.The ranging values are real-time displayed in high precision and stable performance through the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which update for each second.The software design of the proposal system is carried out by Proton IDE Basic program. This program is high-level language which is employed to program microcontroller.