Creep Behavior in Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy (DGEBA) Composites


The composite material was prepared by reinforcing the epoxy with E-glass fiber. The creep and flextural test were measured in this work for one and two layer of E-glass fiber with volume fraction rate of (10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%) in orientation of (0-90o) immersed in epoxy (DGEBA) resin with total thickness of 4mm. The tests were done at different temperature levels from (25 to 55)Co for creep test. The results had revaluated showing that the creeping properties of this composite materials will be improved with increasing the volume fraction layer of fiber at different temperature levels with constant stress. Creeping increases when the temperature increases and decreases with increasing of the number of layers and volume fraction of fiber. The creep constant increases with increasing the temperature up to 45Co then the creep constant down. The creeping energy of epoxy E-glass (epoxy composite) increases with increasing the volume fraction rate of E-glass fiber.