Lime Stabilization of Expansive


Expansive soils occurring in arid and semi-arid climate region of the world cause serious problems on civil engineering structures. To avoid such damages prior to construction, expansive clays may be stabilized. Soil stabilization using chemical additives is the oldest and most widespread method of ground improvement. In this study, hydrated lime was used for stabilization of a laboratory-prepared heavy clays (natural soil +bentonite). The following percentages (0, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 %) of lime have been added to the expansive soil. A series of laboratory experiments have been implemented (such as consistency limits, grain size distribution, specific gravity, compaction test, and swelling oedometer tests). The result showed that the addition of lime was effective in improving the swelling behavior of the expansive soil. Lime was therefore found as an excellent choice for stabilization of swelling soils propertie