Cytotoxic activity of ethanol extract of Sesamum indicum seeds to cancer cell lines in vitro


The present study was conducted to investigate the active constituents found in ethanolic extract of Sesamum indicum defatted seeds and it’s cytotoxic activity on three types of cancer cell lines (Hep-2, AMN-3, and RD) and one normal embryo rat cell line (Ref). Results of general chemical detection showed that ethanolic extract of sesame seeds contain phenols, tannins, saponines, glycosides, alkaloids, coumarines, and flavonoids. The qualitative and quantitative determination of sesamin bioactive compound using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis was carried out and compared with standard sesamin. It was found that the concentration of sesamin was 79.9% of ethanolic extract according to total peak area. Results of in vitro growth inhibition of sesame extract against cell lines demonstrated that the growth of these cells significantly decreased when compared with control cell lines (untreated), and the effects were dose and time- dependent for Hep-2, AMN-3,RD and Ref cells. A clear cytotoxic activity was observed after 72 hr at concentration( 1000 µg/ml) which reached (85.83%, 40.06%, and 20.20%) in the cell lines respectively, while the percentage of inhibition during exposure time of 48 hrs recorded 31.03% at a concentration of 1000µg/ml for RD cells.