Studying Alternatives and Traffic Solutions to Change an Existing Three Legs Intersection to an Interchange


Traffic congestion has become a phenomenon of the normal daily things to the Iraqis in recent years. In the present study, three legs ground intersection of, modern village in Alexandria / Babil province and a comprehensive study were made to identify the level of service at the intersection in the base year (2011), threealternatives have been proposed to ensure the work of the intersection in acceptable level of service in the target year (after 25 years from now). The highwaycapacity software (HCS-2000) was used in the assessment and indicators of effectiveness for the intersection. Traffic analysis results showed that the intersection level of service works is of type (F) at both years of the foundation and goal (2011,2036). In the first alternative a Trumpet type interchange was suggested for the direction coming from Karbala to Baghdad, and the level of service for the intersection of this alternative ranges between (A) to (B) in the base year and rangingfrom (B) and (C) in the target year. The second alternative includes the construction of two-way over-pass on the main road between Baghdad and Hilla; the results of this alternative are similar to the results of the first option alternative. The third proposal has included the establishment of one-way over-pass from Baghdad to Hilla; theremaining movements in the intersection were controlled by a traffic signal. After analysis it was found that, the traffic level of service works the intersection of type (C) in the target year delay time of (23.4 sec), which is considered an acceptable level of serviceafter 25 years of theestablishment.