Grain size and sorting as indicators of depositional environment of ghar formation (late lower Miocene), Iraq


Char formation is subdivided into three lithological types according to the percentage of detrital quartz and calcite (micrite and sparite), through the petrographic study of 13 thin sections collected from a section at Wadi Al-Ratgha (west of Al-Qaim, Iraq Western Desert). The three rock units are: Limy sandstone, limestone and sandy limestone.Depending on the mean gain size of detrital quartz and degree of sorting and the type of matrix, Ghar Formation can be classified in to three types, i. e. off-shore sediments with low energy environment, near shore sediments with high energy environment and mixed sediments with transitional energy environment. This is due to local transgression and regression of sea level at late lower Miocene during the deposition of Ghar Formation.