he Morphological Term in Meaning of Al- Quran upon Al-Farah


Speech morphology in Arabic language is a very useful science because it deals with word structure morphologically. It also deals with language derivation, its tenses, and what is added to words in letters, accent besides the affixes.
Ibn Jinni, the Arab linguist, says: this type of science, the inflection is much needed by the linguists because the nature of Arabic speech is known especially in affixes and derivation can not be distinguishes of without it( (.
Thus intended this terminology of Al-Fara together with the subject of Al-Quran's meaning terminology.
Al-Fara in this research is not the only one who dealt with morphological terms and the Kufis, but his terms are rather of Basrhi ones. So I divided such terms in this following way: verb inflection, noun inflection, the joint inflection between them.