KAP Study about Hepatitis B among Medical and Paramedical Staff in Tikrit City.


Hepatitis B is a global infectious disease with estimated two billions of the world population have contracted the infection, of them there are 350 thousand with chronic infection. Hepatitis B disease may lead to state of chronic carrier, liver cirrhosis and failure or hepatocellular carcinoma. This study aimed to determine knowledge, attitude and practice of health workers and their vaccination status against hepatitis B. This was a cross-sectional study which involved 48 medical staff and 60 paramedical staff, data collection was performed by a suitable self-administered , close-ended questionnaire. Medical staff members had better knowledge about hepatitis B than the paramedical staff. The positive attitude toward vaccination among the medical staff is more than that of the paramedical staff ( 36 members versus 28 members respectively). There are 27 of the medical staff and 13 of the paramedical had a complete vaccination, the others either they did not receive the vaccine at all or they had incomplete schedule.