Place in The Arabian NightsByNajib Mahfuz


In this study ,We tried to examine closely the place in the Arabian Nights by Najeeb Mahfuz. He presents real (world in many sides and in an odd atmosphere which forms as a symbol of human being movement between material and spirit. There is destruction of barriers between tenses and places specially he utilized the originality of place in the tales in its beautiful places. Also the oddness that we see that he could succeed to creat an imaginay and charmed atmosphere that it has fascination as well as the amazement of the past we see him creating the secondary re-prepare after forming. Trying to forma machinism of connection between past and present events with textural relation, within this place, he presentsa fact and many things from his community that he is'nt able to express about, those places with their characters.The writer melts borders between reality and imagination in order to try to arrive to an ideal place. Similarlyit also found in (shahraiar) to get rid of life contraries to compensate psychologically from successive frustration inside the limited space .


City, meaning, utopia