Lament in Hilla


Al-hilly -poetry Has not been studied scientific study analytical, but we can say that this poetry had been locked pamphlets scattered here and there, comes this search to reveal revealed the purpose of the President of the purposes of alhilly poetry, a lamentation, and it was our aim of this study statement authenticity of lamentation in Alhilly poetry and show visible to briefscholars divisions and connotations. did not define specific time and a specific search in order to become the open field and comprehensive research and enable the reader to know what quality citizen in alhilly poetry .Has necessitated the nature of the research to be divided on the front of the booting and two sections and a conclusion either booting where Clarify the reason for choosing the title search, and either the booting has offered the concept of self-pity language and idiomatically as well as we have shown in which the march of self-pity in Arabic poetry stands for the reader to link lamentation in Alhily poetry roots authentic, The first topic sections discuss lamentation in Alhilly poetry were on the five sections which laments the religious and lamentation political and lamentation social and lamentation family and lament scientists with mention models of Alhilly poetry for each section, either in relation to the translation poets have we pointed out in the sources clearly and concisely.