Semantic aspects of evolution in public tune books from the second century until the end of the fourth century AH


Semantics is the meaning, and knows the meaning that a reciprocal relationship between the pronunciation and meaning, may change the meaning, if there is any change in the fundamental relationship and change the meaning or (development of significance) aspect of the development that affects language, it has exposed language all its elements (sounds and compositions and elements of grammatical and formulas of words and their meanings) to change and evolution, language is not dead or static in any way despite the fact that the movement of evolution may seem slow in some cases have proven linguistic studies that language is a social phenomenon because it originated in the arms of the community and that they have found the day I feel people need to the understanding between them is like a living organism subject to subject him organism in its inception and growth and development, and all changes that affect language - no matter how different in nature, speed and scope - going by the basic rule is one, is that they are located in two phases is always first: the stage of change itself or creativity and innovation and the second: the stage of the spread of change.


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