School climate and its relationship to the level of ambition among the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Babylon


The university environments social interaction important for students as it plays a key role in the formation of their personalities and determine their own future and the role of the university in this context is to provide a climate of academic works on developing the capacity of its members to support the creative work, and the college is one of the institutions, social actors to promote behavioral patterns acceptable and promote the values social trends psychological positive keen upon the community to achieve its objectives derived from the needs of the surrounding environment and the development of ideas and principles and scientific facts to anyone who has the ability to produce ideas and invest what is useful that do not conflict with religious beliefs and moral values that exist between the educational goals creative Indeed, university and thus is Secretary the objectives of the community in achieving its objectives planned a large number of regulatory changes and the school climate is one of them The atmosphere prevailing within the work has a direct impact in achieving the ultimate goals aspire to it by any organization that was provide the community with the needs of the energies, expertise and skills.