Or in the time of King (Abe _ Sen 2028 - 2004 BC).


The king Abe Sen is considered (2028 - 2004) the fifth and last king of Third Dynasty of Ur, and sources indicate cuneiform he was crowned king on the throne of the state of Ur III in the tenth month of the ninth year of the rule of his father, King Chusein (2037 - 2029 BC)., And indicate sources also said that he was young when he was crowned on the throne.The sources said that some of the kings belonging to the authority of Ur III has rushed glorifying King Abe O, where raises sources cuneiform to the existence of a number of texts which concluded in the name of King Abe Sen texts still dated for years to rule Chusein, and this was confirmed by one of the texts that go back the Kododo writer son of Uma governor.