Hilla poets in the seventh century AH


Hilla of cities with high standing in science all, Emission the hundreds of scientists in various fields of science and the arts since Civilize and to this day.And the city of Hilla clear scientific stature have expressed the importance of its statements described days and prosperity of the throttle, and refers to the thought Viham the boom frequent prompted her mother and settled by scientists, writers, poets and abundance than Ontjoh and Ibdauh in the fields of science and literature.We have many editions of Hilla, the character, including the high moral character of many reasons, including:The princes of this city were Arabs principals and were of great virtue and perfection and HH morality, and they were the owners of libraries containing thousands of folders and they Adnon scientists and writers of their councils and Igdqon them money, even flocked them hundreds of scientists, writers, and even become Hilla Kaaba them for dump of care and encouraging so that some of the delegation to taken home to him rather than his native like Hiti dad Excellencies, Alsenbsa Abu Abdullah and others to enjoy its freedom and live a pleasant life, establishing in this city spirit, literary and even blossomed and bore fruit and Yielded with what be good.