Morteza Motahari read in his historical visions


Al-Sheikh Murtadha Al-Muthari has formed a part of generation of Academy – Hawzawi – the pioneers in Iran that their scientific and juristic works , writings and lectures have affected the Iranian modern community in general and educated section in particular once , and enrich the cultural – intellectual movement within 1950s of twentieth century in Iran another time . More than this , the Sheikh Al-Mutahri was considered one of contributors obviously and in concrete way in knowledgeable and intellectual reality for the country in academy and hawzawi levels. Actually , this motivation has affected to choose the topic. In this study , an introduction has emerged and four pivots , moreover; the first pivot has a title " Brief idea about the life of Sheikh Murtadha Al-Mutahari ", and the second pivot : " History .. its concept .. its importance on Sheikh Al-Mutahari " , the third pivot : " History .. its nature .. its motivations in visions of Sheikh Al-Mutahari " , the fourth pivot entitled " History .. Koran .. explanation of its integration from Sheikh Al-Mutahari's point of view .The abstract included black lines focused on the most important conclusions .Both researchers have got the references from the writings of Sheikh Murtadha Al-Mutahari and his lectures , here we mention " Society and History " into two parts besides Arabic and Parisian references . They were different , some of them are philosophical books , historical , dragoman , philosophical dictionary and total encyclopedia included explanations for philosophical , political and intellectual concepts and terms and others . e.g. " Philosophical dictionary for doctor Jameel Sulaiba which contained French , English and Latin articulations besides Arabic for philosophical concepts and terms and " political encyclopedia for author Abdul Wahab Al-Gailani . In addition to that taking unique information from international information net called " Internet " and others to enrich the study.