Effectiveness and implications of point in the Graphic Design (label as a model)


The study included four chapters, the first chapter, the research problem posed in the form of questions, as follows:Is the point raises significant movement of its importance in the design? How to be an important indication point in bringing the idea and stir the receiver about the components of Graphic Design? How is the effectiveness of the point raised related to the form and content in the design? Importance of research has been concentrated in a statement the importance of the point in the investigation about the receiver function with ease. Represents an essential point has a big role in provoking the receiver towards the design components. The objective of the study also identified in the disclosure of the significant role of the effectiveness of a point in Graphic Design and impact of visual effects and the extent of its relationship with other elements in the design as well as the statement of the ability of motor and mental and physiological points according to visual and philosophical interpretations of formal connotations. Refine your search up to a spatial posters selected from the United States of America. And temporal between the years 2009-2012. Then identify the most important terms and concepts contained in this study (Semantics, point, efficiency). The second chapter, the theoretical framework and previous studies, theoretical framework consisted of three sections, the first section dedicated study point in the philosophy of thought. The second section was studying point specialist in the philosophy of Plastic art. The third section has included the study of the point in Graphic Design. It should be noted there is no extended previous studies in the concept study of the effectiveness of the point and significance in Graphic Design, but was specialized studies in the overall design and layout design is particularly addressed to the point as a definition of the design elements. Chapter Three included search procedures to identify the community in which selected him five samples, we found that some posters are very few, especially those dealing with the point as a structural unit in the important design. So five samples were selected to provide all the technical requirements and aesthetic theory and identical with the literature of the theoretical framework of the research samples analytical atypical. Researcher prepared form on the analysis of a number of experts to examine and evaluate in order to analyze the samples. Chapter Four included findings of this study, including: 1. Point play a major role in building the movement and determine the direction and analysis of the movement in accordance with the relations between points within the forms design and play aesthetic and functional values, particularly visual attraction. 2. To a point and the nature of the composition of the connotations associated with design assurance in the event in time and place and to show value of the subject or content as his point form relationships and its connotations actors in the design.List listed sources and references adopted by the researcher in the study. Arab sources (29) scientific source. Foreign sources (2). We hope that we have been successful in providing cash analytical aesthetic and technical point in Graphic Design (poster design a model). And God bless.