Oman Emirate's Attitude Towards Buyid Power


Emirates emerged in Arabia, especially in Oman, which undertook confronting Buyid power, because it wanted to extend its power to Oman's regions as the same considerations that were pushed Abbasids state to impose their control on casts. Buyid gave especial attention to Oman in order to achieve two aims. The first one was political, which aimed to expand the borders of its state. After controlling persian land, Iraq, and Kurman, they intended to join Arab Gulf coasts to their properties. The second aim, was economic, the Buyids had the desire to gain abundant share of trade of Arabian Gulf Coasts. Some of Buyid princes loved wealth, and collected money, thus the control of Oman was formal and unstable, due to Oman Geographical position, which is too far from the center of Abbasid's caliphate on Baghdad and the nature of its lands which consist of deserts and mountains, that help their people to strike and to resist. In addition to that, the variety of their populations which included Negro and Kwarij.


Power, war, Politics