A Morphological And Chemical Study For Ceratophyllum demersum L. Growing In Some Ponds Near Mosul Forests.


Ceratophyllum demersum lack true roots. however, attaches only with rhizoids to the sediment. The feathery leaves are arranged in whorls on the stem (which can resemble a Coontail ). An anatomical study , was by cross-section for the stem, it showed the impact of environment on the internal structure by aerenchyma in the cortex layer. In the chemical study, asparagine acid separated and investigated from ethanolic extract crude of species under this study. Shimadzo HPLC which included C8 (250×60 mm) colum chromatography used for this processes, with 40 mM Na2SO4 , pH 2.65 as mobile phase, again with rate flow: 1 mL / min. and detection at λ = 210 nm.