Parasitic infection associated with appendicitis removed surgically in Kirkuk city


The present study was conducted during the period from January /2010 to January /2011 to investigate the prevalence rates of intestinal parasites (intestinal protozoa and helminthes) among patients who were suffering from acute appendicitis surgically removed from patients referred to Kirkuk General Hospital and Azadi General Hospital .The study included 547 patients with acute appendicitis of both sexes .The age range of patients was 5ـ more than 50 years. The surgically removed appendicitis were submitted macroscopically and microscopically for detection of parasites, examination including direct smear method, concentration, sedimentation & flotation method. Additionally Histopathological technique was performed to specimens of appendices that contain parasitic infections only .The total rate of parasitic infection in surgically removed appendices was 17.7%. The rate of infection by single parasite was 88.6%. The mono parasitic infection includes infection by Entamoeba histolytica 57.7% , Entamoeba coli 1.03%, Giardia lambellia 20.6%, Enterobius vermiculares 9.27% while mixed infection)double infection( contained E.histolytica& E. coli 3.09% ;E.histolytica& G.lambellia 2.06%&E.histolytica&E. vermiculares 6.18% .There was no significant difference in infection rates between males and females, the highest rate of infection recorded among above 30 years %58.7 with significant differences among different age groups. according to seasons very high infection rate among patients at summer %54.6 and the lowest was in autumn& winter %5.1 with no significantly difference. according educational levels , The infection rates among (illiterate( non educated patients %57.7 were high in comparison with educated patients %42.2 .Various histopathological change were observed in appendices. They included necrosis of sub mucosa & the erosion of lining mucosa, proliferation of fibroblasts, excavation nodule lymph fibrosis ,degeneration nodule lymphatic necrosis liquefaction in nodule lymphatic be edema in the sub mucosa. In the current study appeared to be appendices negative for the presence of parasite has happened in all of each of necrosis sub mucosa layer,syringomyelia nodule lymphatic fibrosis while appendices positive for the presence of parasite for all histological changes of different proportions with the exce iption syringomyelia & cystic lymph nodule