Study of the infection percentage of some Dermatophytosis isolated from patients of Al- Hindya general hospital .


Eighty eight samples from dermatophytosis patients in Al- Hindya general hospital were collected during Augst, September, November and December of 2008 . Sampels represented 34 males and 54 females i.e. 38.64% and 82,95% respectively. Six clinical cases of Dermatophytosis were taken . Seventy three samples were positive . The tests appeared that Tinea pedis was the most wide spread among these cases giving 34 samples followed by Tinea unguium , Tinea manuum , Tinea capitis , Tinea cruris and Tinea corporis represented by 17 , 11 , 10 , 10 and 6 samples respectively . Two types of Dermatophytes ; Epidermophyton floccosum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes , were isolated and identified