Face Recognition Technology Using Fast Fourier Transform (F.F.T) & Discriminator Power (Dp)


Fast Fourier Transform (F.F.T) is a powerful transform to extract proper features for face recognition. After applying FFT to the entire face images, some of the coefficients are selected to construct feature. In some cases, the low-frequency coefficients are discarded in order to compensate variations. Since the discrimination power of all the coefficients is not the same and some of them are discriminant than other. So we can achieve a higher recognition rate by using discriminant coefficients (DCs).The proposed approach is data-dependent and is able to find discriminator power (Dp) for each image, (the higher 50 value) and store these values in database. The selection of various coefficients confirm the success of the proposed approach. These coefficients are used as a basis for comparison with other attributes store in database.