Nickel Nitrate induce apoptosis in liver of mice


Liver is a vital organ of the body engaged in various metabolic, secretary and biotransformation activities. Any damage to liver can impair any all of these functions. In the present study the toxic effects of nickel (Ni) on the liver structure of male of mice . Nickel (Ni) is an industrial and environmental pollutant of aquatic system has attracted the attention of research's all over the world. Male Balb /c mice weighing 30-32 gm, 50 days old, was treated orally with (1-12 ) mg/kg body wt., NiNo3. The liver weight, histological examination of liver, along with DNA ladder for apoptosis was studied . Nickel induced both a time, and dose dependent increase in apoptotic, severity of necrosis. Liver weight, decreased with increase of dose. It has been concluded that nickel caused necrotic effect in liver and apoptotic as well as decrease liver weight