Polymorphisms of Helicobacter pylori CagA Toxin Isolated from Iraqi Patients


Helicobacter pylori Causes a wide range of gastric diseases. The bacteria is genetically unstable which is reflected on its virulence factors and type of diseases. H. pylori (210) isolated from Iraqi patient, they were studied to determine the CagA 3’ region to estimate the tyrosine phosphorylation site i.e. EPIYA motifs. Results revealed that the EPIYA of Iraqi patients belongs to Western type, different combination were recorded such as AC, BC, ABCCC. CagA multimerization(CM) sequences belong mainly to western type , each molecule has 2 CM sequence regions , in addition Iraqi strains exhibited other type of CM motifs which different from Western and East Asian CMs , but they are present in public databases as it appeared when searching such databases using BLAST program.