Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Strengthened in Flexural with NSM-CFRP


This study is devoted to investigate the behavior and performance of R.C. slabs strengthened with near surface mounted (NSM-CFRP). A system of computer program (ANSYS V.12.1) is used for analysis at this study. The ordinary reinforced concrete is modeled by 8-node isoparametric brick elements, while the steel reinforcing bars is modeled as axial members (bar elements) connecting opposite nodes in the brick elements with a full interaction assumption. The NSM CFRP strips were modeled by shell element. The effect of some selected parameters (thickness and shape) is studied. It is found that the ultimate load increased efficiently with increasing the thickness of NSM (87% & 123% for slabs S1 & S2 respectively). Concrete strength of R.C. slabs tested is (fc’ 18.85). The maximum increment in terms of the slab load carrying capacity is limited by the concrete crushing.