Using mesh hernioplasty to patient with inguinal Hernia


To clinically evaluate the outcome of Inguinal Hernioplasty in terms of haematoma, wound infection and recurrence, with special reference to surgery done by trainee surgeons. A total of 50 patients with inguinal hernia were operated during the study period. The result of the present study concluded that using mesh for surgical operation of hernia is much better than the ordinal operation of hernia because this technique reduces the recurrence of the disease, while the classical operation is related to recurrence of the disease. Also Mesh can reduce the appearing of hematomas, Wound infections after the operation, while the classical operation is related to appearing of the hematomas and Wound infections after the operation. Further more there is no significant difference between the two methods regarding appearing of seromas after the operation however, its appear among those patients which did a classical operation more than those which using mesh for operation. So In our set-up Mesh Hernioplasty has proven to be effective with low complication and recurrence rates.