Evaluation of Some Aspects of School Health Service in Baghdad –Al-KarKh district


Abstract:Objectives: The aim of the current study is to evaluate the performance of primary health cane center regarding the implementation of some aspects of school health services.Methods: The study is a descriptive cross- sectional study, the primary health care centers included were (7) primary health care centers, (5) from the center of Baghdad (2) from the periphery of Baghdad. The other part of the study involved a sample of primary school in Baghdad of Al-Karkh district and the pupils included were only the first grade primary school pupils. The study extended for the period (15th October 2002 to 15th March 2003). Results: A total of 2644 pupils (boys and girls) were examined to detect any obvious health problem. Four health issues were chosen: The Bacillus Calmete Guerin (BCG) vaccination scar, handicapped, stuttering, and vision acuity defect, through checking of school medical card, records of primary health care center team visits, in comparison with that detected during examination in the survey.Conclusion: Poor performance of primary health care personnel and low utilization of school health services.Several actions were suggested to improve the current situation.Key word: Evaluation, school health