Treatment of Pityriasis Versicolour with Topical 15% Zinc Sulfate Solution


AbstractBackground: Pityriasis versicolour is a common skin problem of cosmetic importance among young individuals. Many modality of the treatment have been used to control this disease, but often end with relapse. Zinc sulfate had been proven to have antifungal activity invitro study. Still we are searching for a new therapeutic agent like zinc sulfate.Objective: The aim of the present work is to assess the therapeutic effectiveness of topical 15% zinc sulfate solution in treatment of tinea versicolor.Patients& Methods: This single blinded controlled therapeutic trail was carried out in Department of Dermatology and Venereology - Baghdad Teaching Hospital, during the period from May 2004- Sept. 2004. Patients consisted of 60 person (40 males&20 females) and their ages ranged from 15 – 45 years with a mean ± SD of 32 ± 3 years, while the duration of the disease was 2-30 ( 5.18 ± 4.77) months. These patients were enrolled in this study and were divided into two groups:-Group A: Thirty patients (16 males and 14 females) were treated with topical 15% zinc sulfate solution once daily and examine every week for three weeks and followed up for one month without therapy. Mycological and Wood's light examination were performed to establish diagnosis before therapy and repeated every week to asses the response to therapy.Group B: Thirty patients (24 males and 6 females) were treated with distilled water as a placebo treated group and with a similar manner in group A.Results: The result of this study revealed that all patients in group A showed clinical and mycological clearance at the end of 3rd week of treatment while group B showed no clinical and mycological recovery at the end 3rd week of treatment program. No side effects were recorded apart from mild itching in few patients during the first days of therapy.Conclusion: Topical 15% zinc sulfate solution is an effective, new, mode of therapy which is simple, non costly treatment option for pityriasis versicolour with negligible side effects. Keyword: pityriasisr versicolour, topical zinc sulfate solution.