Prevalence of Captopril-induced Cough in Mosul Hypertensive


AbstractObjective: To study the prevalence of Captopril- induced cough in local population of Mosul (Iraq) and also to characterize those patients who developed cough.Design: Case-Control Study.Setting & Period: The Medical Consultant Public Clinic in Mosul for the period from the 1st of February to the 1st of May of 2006. Patients & Methods: One hundred thirteen hypertensive patients who received the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor captopril through the pharmacist of public clinic in Mosul were interviewed and their age, sex, dose of the drug, duration of use and the incidence of cough and the time of occurrence were recorded on an already prepared questionnaire form and compared with the information about 175 neither hypertensive patients nor receiving captopril. Results: The incidence of captopril-induced cough in Mosul hypertensive was 31.8 % compared with 6 % of the control (significant difference, P=0.000). This incidence was not related significantly to age, sex, dose nor the duration of treatment with captopril.Conclusion: The prevalence of captopril-induced cough found in Mosul hypertensive patients (31.8 %) was approximate that of Japanese patients (38 %), slightly lower than that reported in Basrah patients in Iraq (40.5 %) and that reported in Chinese patients (46 %) but higher than that found in Greek (6.58 %). Key words: Captopril, Cough, Hypertensive