Rate of GAD Antibodies in First Degree Relatives of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus


AbstractBackground: Attempts to identify the earliest events in the auto-immune affection of first degree relative (siblings) of Type 1 DM, glutamic acid decarboylase (GAD) is one of the most important auto antigens. Objective: To detect the prevalence of GAD antibodies in first degree relative of Type 1 DM. Patients & Methods: Sera were obtained from 53 normal siblings (26 male and 27 female) mean age 11.5  4.8 years. Sera were analyzed for GAD using the enzyme linked immunosorbent (ELISA) technique. Results: Prevalence of GAD antibodies was 7.5% and impaired GTT in 75% of individuals with pathological GAD values. Conclusion: Iraqi children and adult have prevalence rates of anti GAD antibodies among siblings of type1 DM which is so high and anti-GAD may be valuable as an early predictive marker for type 1 DM. Key words: Glutamic acid decarboxylase type 1 diabetes mellitus