Penile Dermatoses in Out-patient Dermatological Clinic


AbstractBackground: Penile dermatoses induce a high concern for the patients and inflect a real psychological trauma.Objective: This study was designed to assess the spectrum of penile dermatological conditions.Methods: A total of 90 patients with penile dermatoses were recruited in this study during the period from October2002-2004. History and full clinical assessment were performed Results: The third and the forth decade of life were the commonest age groups affected. Penile dermatoses of infectious causes comprised of forty-nine cases. The percentages of each contagious penile dermatosis from the total recruited patients were as follow: scabies (17.8%), genital warts (15.6%), herpes genitalis (8.8%), molloscum contagiosum (6.6%), candidiasis (2.2%), boil (2.2%) and syphilis (1.1%). Other non-communicable dermatoses were irritant and allergic contact dermatitis (11.1%), fixed drug eruption (11.1%), lichen planus (6.6%), psoriasis (5.7%), vitiligo (5.7%), angiokeratoma (2.2%), lichen nitidus (1.1%), Peyronie´s disease (1.1%), and lichen simplex chronicus (1.1%).Conclusion: A wide spectrum of dermatoses affects the penis, 45.6 % of the lesions were non–infectious. There is a considerable shift of the contagious group toward viral infections rather than bacterial infections and other infestations. Key words: Penile dermatoses, Out-patient