Stylistic approach to Sura «Sad» Nasrollah Shameli


No doupt that the Qur'anic expression contains secrets and aesthetics and artistic touches and images which show that the Quran art intended to support this opinion that it isn’t people speech. So, this research is going to study Sura «Sad» using a stylistic approach, which focuses on data General Linguistic and deals with the role of image and music sounds and vocabularies in Sura, and stadies semantic features of words and the accuracy of vocabulary selection in the sura and tracking stylistic phenomena in the sura and the meanings associated like repetition, and the question, and interested in Images, based on analogy and metaphor, and real images.Based on the results of this study, it has been proved that balance intended in the rhythm of Sura like repetition is an important element in increasing the pace of this beautiful one chapter, in addition to the consistency of these voices, and that the words in sura characterized by precision in the choice and the power of influence in the recipient and that the technical consistency has emerged between the different images and rhetoric of the real clearly.