Assessment of diabetes type 2 clients’ self- care skills toward Blood glucose level control


Objective: study aims to assess the diabetes type2 clients' self- care skills toward blood glucose level control, and find out the relationship between variables which are (Age, gender, educational level, duration of DM diagnosis, and monthly income) with diabetes type 2 clients ' self- care skills toward blood glucose level control Methodology: Descriptive study was carried out through the present investigation from Jun 2nd2011- November 2nd 2011 in order to achieve the objectives of the present study. A non probability (purposive) sample, (200) cases which consists of clients who were attending Al-Nasiriyha diabetic center. Including (118) males and (82) females . The data were collected by utilization of the study instruments and employment of scheduled interview as means data collection. The data collection process was performed from June 2nd / 2011 /September 2nd/ 2011. A questionnaire was designed constructed by the researcher to measure the variable .The questionnaire consisted of 2 parts which are demographical, and diabetics self-caret skills indicator toward blood glucose level control .The reliability of the questionnaire was determined through a pilot study and the validity through a panel of experts. The data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statistic frequency, percentage, and the application of inferential statistical procedures, which include Pearson correlation coefficient, and contingency coefficient. Results: The study shows highest percent of the study samples (37.5) were (50-59) years old. with the mean age (52±7.1) years ,(72.o%) 0f them are without of diabetes type 2 self-care skills toward blood glucose level control, most of them were married male, With low educational level, group's duration of type 2 DM diagnosis was (1-5) years, insufficient monthly income, unemployed, overweight, they had information from their physician ,and diagnosed indecently. There are significant association between diabetes type 2 clients’ self-care skills toward blood glucose level control and (age, educational level, monthly income).And there were no significant association with another variableRecommendations: New diabetic patients should be engage in educational program by nurse& supply with booklet which include self- care skills toward blood glucose level control and supported by videotapes to enforce their practices , with the nurse supervision during visit them to the center , instructed to control their blood glucose level, and body weight to improve their self-care skills to avoid complications.